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My name is Rodrigo de Castro Lopes, I am a musician and sound engineer. I started my musical studies at age nine. I attended the studied physics for two years at University of Brasilia, after which I switched to the music major, where I graduated in piano (Bachelor degree). 80´s in Brasilia. I studied with Neusa França, and afterwards with Ney Salgado, at UnB, after which I studied with Nise Obino. At that time, I worked as accompanist at Teatro Nacional de Brasília, conducted by the maestro Silvio Barbato, and also keyboard player in a rock band, Banda 69, which was part of a compilation and released an LP with CBS, produced by Leo Jaime. 

After graduating from the piano course, I went toBerklee College of Music, in Boston, to study Music Production and Sound Engineering. I also studied arranging.

Back to Brasil, from 1991 to 1996, I worked as mastering engineer at Visom Digital, in Rio de Janeiro, where I worked in many CDs considered to be standards of Brazilian music. After Visom, and after a quick period at PolyGram, I worked for many years at Herbert Richers, first as studio supervisor, and as technical director afterward, being responsible for the studios, training the techinal personel and coordinating the maintenance. After that, I did some musical production for dubbing, for clients like Disney and Warner.

In 2000 I started working as sound engineer at the label Biscoito Fino, doing some productions as well  (Casuarina, Clara Sverner, Gilda Oswaldo Cruz and Simone Guimarães, besides signing the studio co-direction for the DVD Carioca ao Vivo, by Chico Buarque). In 2006 I quit Biscoito Fino, and worked as a free-lancer in Rio de Janeiro. 

Since 2010 in live in São Paulo, where I work as recording, mixing and mastering engineer, doing also editing and voice tuning. I have done some P.A. or stage monitors for many artists, as well as coaching and musical direction for artists and bands recording, with artists like Silvia Nicolatto among others.

In 2013, I started teaching Music Technology at Faculdade Souza Lima.

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